Editor’s Challenge: May 2018 Selection

rows of bottles and jars with infitine reflections in mirror

Thanks to all the PSNH members who sent poems in response to May’s prompts! This month we didn’t get any non-member submissions, so please spread the word about the June challenge to any poets you know.

The new prompts are live and waiting for your imagination to bring them to life. We have increased the allowed line lengths and word counts for this month, so hopefully more of you will play:-)


“Inside Outside the Box” by Randall Wright
This poem will be included in TPT 61.1, which is due out August 2018.

Editor’s Challenge: April 2018 Selections

dark corredor with bright courtyard at the end

Thanks for all the entries in our Poetry Month challenge. We really appreciate your time since we know there were a lot of other poetry-writing challenges you had to choose from. Please help us spread the word and make the selection even harder! May’s prompt is already live and waiting for your imagination:-)


“Monitor” by Heather Dupont
(This poem will be included in TPT 61.1, which is due out August 2018.)


Stealth Monitor

You stand at the recess of my mind
surveying the surroundings
ready to take out
unwanted prey.
With a whip of your tail
and a swat
from your razor sharp claws
you can sever
unwanted predators
lurking in the corners.
I know despite
your poor night vision
my thoughts are safe
in the darkness
for you are
a stealth monitor.

©2018 Deb Correia
“New Hampshire transplant for 15 years. Love God, nature, writing, music & time with friends. Observer of all things wild and wonderful.”

April word prompt is monitor

April’s Word of the Month prompt

Editor’s Challenge: March 2018 Selections

A big thanks to all the poets who participated in this Editor’s Challenge. The decision was a tough one, especially as we had more participants this month. Keep entering and telling your poet friends to enter! The April challenge prompts will be live at 9:00 p.m. tonight — 6 April 2018.


“Sacred Geometry” by David Banach
(This poem will be included in TPT 61.1, which is due out July 2018.)


New Hampshire Resident

But Where

I step through the door, but you are not here,
Have you ever been?

I walk around the room, find a seat and wait. patiently.
That’s a lie. I am not patient.

We’ve met here for years, but now that your life is in transition,
The visits are far and few between.

My heart doesn’t understand, my mind doesn’t want to,
But yet, you are not here.

I get my tea, I open my book, the bell on the door alerts all to it’s opening,
I turn to see if it’s you…

©2018 Michael Bourgeois

Michael Bourgeois is just a dad who likes to write poems and musings. He’s written his whole life but has just recently, at 44, began sharing.

Out-of-State Resident


As thirty-knot gusts whip sand and snow
into an unholy crust on cars and stairs and rails,
I temper my sorrow with knowledge: you would have hated
the messy business of actually being present, just as you cringed
at how exquisite picture-perfect pastries
were doomed to devolve into crumbs and slurries.
Not even in books do layers remain distinct,
although right now I can tell love from patience
as easily as I’ve cupped this yolk from cloud and shell.

©2018 Peg Duthie

Peg Duthie once special-ordered kirschwasser for a birthday cake, but has also been known to encase aging fruit within twice-defrosted puff pastry. (Tennessee, USA)