TPT 61.1 – shipping notes & errata

stack of journals swirled on a table

If you haven’t received it already, members should receive the Autumn 2018 issue of The Poets’ Touchstone in the mail this week. Many thanks to Ala, Liz, Don, and Priscilla for wrestling with mail merge and braving the bulk mail system. This should be the last issue to come out late. Production of the Spring 2019 issue (slated for mid-May) is currently running ON TIME.

Speaking of TPT 61.2 (Spring 2019), it will contain the 1st-4th place poems from the November 2017 National Contest. This contest was mistakenly omitted from the current issue (61.1) and we apologize for any inconvenience our error has caused. The results for the November 2017 National Contest are as follows:

  • 1st Place: “Ball of String” by Glenn K. Currie (Concord, NH)
  • 2nd Place: “Dark Side of the Spoon” by Kathryn Howd Machan (Ithaca, NY)
  • 3rd Place: “Out of the Closet” by Barbara Bald (Alton, NH)
  • 4th Place: “Holy Spirit” by Maren C. Tirabassi (Portsmouth, NH)

To the winning poets: Congratulations and many thanks for sharing your words with us!

2 thoughts on “TPT 61.1 – shipping notes & errata

  1. My copy of TPT arrived yesterday. Beautiful! Congratulations to all concerned.

    I’m particularly glad to learn that contests will now be limited to one National, in May, and one Members’, in November.

    With thanks,

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